Setting up a New Country Site in Tridion

Being a Tridionauts, more often we see a lot of random questions/requests coming in from customers/partners/colleagues/friends etc. and we help them with what little we could do. The kind of task people have been doing would be much more than what i am going to discuss here, But I just thought its better to write this down here so that people who are new or doing this first time can get the benefits of it.

Having said that here is what we would cover in this blog:

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Creating Publications according to Blueprint
  3. Configure Site Elements in CMS
  4. Configuring Site Elements on CME
  5. Adding DNS entry for the new Country Site Url.


Make sure you have a running Tridion Setup and you can see your CME at your CME endpoint. I am going to use as my CME endpoint.

I also presume that you have a running site, say for country Brazil as below:

Optional: Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate for your Country Site to use https.

If you are going to configure Translation Manager for your site to have a different language than English then make sure you have your choice of Country Language configured in your WorldServer/Language Cloud (Or where ever from you want it to be translated).

Creating Publications according to Blueprint

Your Blueprint Design will tell you how you are going to configure your new Publication.

Consider this, If you have a Blueprint something like this which is mostly the case:


and you are requested to add a New Site say “Turkey” in two languages say en and tr as below:

Now first thing you need to do is to create new publication for your new Turkey Site. To do this follow below steps:

  1. Go to your CME
  2. Create new Publications as it is cretaed for Brazil.
  3. Create these by right click on Content Management > New > Publication 
  4. Do remember to use new Country names in new Publications at each place.
  5. Once all Four Publications (As per the Blueprint design above) are created with the information used in existing Publication, revisit newly created publication to confirm that the Parent and Child publication are correctly set.

Info: Generally below details are filled in a Publication:

pub-in-cmeNow, once all the Publications are ready, Please note down their Publication-Id, which we will use in a while, while configuring these on CMS.

For the publications I have created, below are the Publication Ids respectively:

  • 040 Turkey: tcm:0-111-1
  • 060 Turkey: tcm:0-112-1
  • 080 Turkey: tcm:0-113-1
  • 090 Turkey: tcm:0-114-1

Now your Blueprint should look something like this: Note that new publications are marked in Red Box.


You are ready with Publications now.

Configure Site Elements in CMS

Your Web Publications (Web Publications are those which you use to publish cme items. In our case it is -080 Turkey: tcm:0-113-1 & 090 Turkey: tcm:0-114-1) will not be recognizable by Content Delivery unless you have an entry for them. To do this you need to update below files:

  1. Added Publication mapping in cd_dynamic_conf.xml
  2. Added Publication mapping in cd_link_conf.xml
 <!-- Turkey -->
 <Publication Id="113">
 <Host Domain="" Port="80" Protocol="http" Path="/en" />
 <Publication Id="114">
 <Host Domain="" Port="80" Protocol="http" Path="/tr" />
<!-- Turkey -->
 <Publication Id="113">
 <Host Domain=""/>
 <Publication Id="114">
 <Host Domain="" />

Note: As i said above, The Publication Ids are used here so that when a page is published form CME, Content Delivery can understand that this site is coming from which Publication and where it needs to be hosted.

Configure Site Elements in CME

Now you need to create the basic components and pages that are local to Publications. These components do not get created during the process of publication creation as they were local to publication and are not present in master publications.

For example: if you have local page called “Home Page” in 080 Turkey which is not coming from the 070 Web Master then this page will not be created when 080 Turkey was getting created.

Below are the few of those components which you should consider Updating/Creating:

  • Setup Publication Targets to map the new Web Publications
  • Update Site Configuration
  • Update Publish Settings
  • Update Language Selector

Once these are fairly validated and checked you need to publish the minimal Pages to see at least the Home Page. Now this is on you to decide which is needed and which is not according to your setup.

In a Basic DXA implementation, we need at least following pages to be published to see the Home Page:

 Home/_Error Page Not Found
 Home/000 Home
 Home/_System/Publish Settings
 Home/_System/Publish HTML Design
 Home/_System/include/Content Tools
 Home/_System/include/Left Navigation


Adding DNS entry for the new Country Site Url

After setting up all the above, you still will not be able to see your site loading and following error might occur:’s server DNS address could not be found.

Now, to fix this you need to have a sub-domain working for the new site and hence you need to create an entry for into your DNS Record so that when this Url is hit, it can be resolved.

That’s it. Enjoy exploring  🙂


If you still need help, Please post your question on Tridion Stack Exchange (Trex)



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